30 Bitizens Move In Quest Issue

In Tiny Death Star I have the mission to have 30 bitizens move in. I have since made it to 35 total and I still have not received credit for completing this mission. Is there a secret to finishing this? Or is it some kind of bug?

How do I finish this mission?


Missions do not start with what you currently have. If you already had 35 bitzens moved in, then it will take an additional 30 to complete this mission.

There would be 2 ways to complete this mission.

Option 1:

Evict 30 residents and fill those vacancies with new bitzens

Option 2:

Build 6 more resident floors( 6 floors x 5 spaces = 30) and fill those vacancies with new bitzens

Source : Link , Question Author : EEP , Answer Author : Zero

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