Al Gore won’t leave me alone. How do I unfriend him on Facebook?

In exploring South Park, I met a somewhat curious older gentleman hiding in the bushes over behind the movie theater. It turns out that gentleman was former Vice President Al Gore. He promptly became my Facebook friend, and asked me to help him place some fancy science equipment around town.

After I did that for him, he (kind of creepily, in retrospect), invited me to his private storage locker on the edge of town.

And now, he won’t leave me alone.

Every time I take another few steps, I have a new Facebook message from Al Gore. They’re all nonsense and I’m tired of them.

I have a quest to remove him from my Facebook friends, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

How do I unfriend Al Gore?


Go back to Al Gore’s shed and punch him. This will initiate a battle, after which he will stop spamming you.

Afterwards, he will still be your friend, even though the quest to remove him has completed.

Source : Link , Question Author : LessPop_MoreFizz , Answer Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft

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