All my dwarves are bleeding to death. What can I do?

After a relatively short battle with a forgotten beast, in which none of my militia were injured, everyone in my fortress has started dropping dead. Even dwarves that were not involved in the battle have started spontaneously bleeding to death.

The Dwarves are all bleeding to death!

The forgotten beast was described as having “noxious secretions”, which I’m assuming is the cause of my current problems.

Is there anything that I can do to save my dwarves?


If they walk through some shallow running water, it will wash off any FB blood/secretions. It won’t help the ones who are already affected, but it should save those who aren’t yet. I haven’t yet had to do this myself, but I’ve read that it works.

Source : Link , Question Author : bcpettifer , Answer Author : SaintWacko

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