Android Studio: Failed to create MD5 HashFile

I am creating a simple android application… I ran into some kind of trouble when I updated gradle when I launched Android Studio and it prompted me too.

Upon the update completing I receive the following error:

Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’.

Failed to create MD5 hash for file ‘/Users/damenTomassi/AndroidStudioProjects/AstraeaDemo/app/src/main/res/libs/gson-2.3.1.jar’.

I used to have the GSON library in my project, however I no longer needed it so I removed it…

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Try this

Step 1:
Remove this compile files(‘lib/gson-2.3.1.jar’) from Your build.gradle File

Step 2:
Build-> Clean Project

Source : Link , Question Author : Damen Tomassi , Answer Author : RAJESH KUMAR ARUMUGAM

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