Any way to make your crew stop attacking a system?

So I have a game paused right now. Here’s the dire situation:

  • Enemy: Auto-scout, all rooms seperated from each other, ONE hull
    point left.
  • Me: Teleporter on cooldown, two fully leveled rockmen inside the enemy ship attacking a system.

So there’s my dilemma: if my rockmen continue to attack the system in the room they are in, they will destroy it, dealing 1 damage to the enemy ship, causing it to explode and kill both of my crew members inside. I can’t teleport them back because my teleport is on cooldown, and I can’t move them to another room because all of the rooms are disconnected.

Am I just screwed, or is there some magical keystroke to make my rockmen turn passive?


I’ve been in a similar situation, and no, there is no way to stop them attacking. I’ve always wondered what goes through their heads in these situations. Probably something like this:

Me: “No, stop attacking, one more hitpoint and that ship’ll be torn
<Mantis 1 turns to Mantis 2>
M1: “We have a chance here to do something great, something profound here today”
M2: <Smiles Grimly> “I hope the Federation dedicates a statue on some blasted rock for us”
<They embrace>
M1: “It has been good knowing you brother”
<They turn and deal the final blow to the shield generator. As the ship blows up around them they look out a nearby window and see the Kestrel – dodging past a few missiles as a Beam Drone continually attempts to break through the shields, and they know that their sacrifice will be remembered.>

Source : Link , Question Author : jbabey , Answer Author : Robotnik

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