Are any Skyrim characters carried over from Oblivion or earlier?

So, I just realized the other day that Babette is 300 years old. While this is a fact that’s been established to me a few times throughout my gameplay by now, I just now realized exactly what sort of implications that could have.

Particularly: She’s old enough to possibly have been featured in previous Elder Scrolls games.

According to UESP:

  • Arena takes place in 3E 399.
  • Daggerfall takes place in 3E 405.
  • Morrowind and its expansions take place in 3E 427.
  • Oblivion and its expansion takes place in 3E 433.
  • The end of the Oblivion Crisis in 3E 433 is the epoch from which 4E is begun.
  • Skyrim takes place in 4E 201.

If Babette is exactly three hundred years old, that means she’s at least lived through (if not actually been involved in) the entire Elder Scrolls series to date.

Now, I’ve not seen anything in UESP or otherwise to suggest that Babette is actually a carry-over character. But, there are plenty of other characters – long-living, immortals, deities, undead, etc. – who very well could be.

Are there any characters who actually are carry-overs from previous games in the series? Is this hinted at, or even spelled out to the player during the game?


Note: The images link to their respective character’s UESP wiki articles.
Falx Carius
M'aiq the Liar
Ulfgar the Unending
Saint Jiub the Eradicator
Lucien Lachance
Night MotherOblivion

Source and higher resolution version of the images: Reddit /r/Skyrim post, “A list I made of all the characters that appeared in an Elder Scrolls game before.”, by OccupyTamriel; except ‘Night Mother’ – images are from UESP wiki.

Source : Link , Question Author : Iszi , Answer Author : galacticninja

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