Are certificates worth pursuing in EVE Online?

In EVE Online, are certificates worth pursuing? Do they help new players train basic skills that most players would want?


Personally I think that Certificates were a great addition when they came in a few months ago. EVE has a bewildering array of trainable skills, many of which have incredibly obscure uses. Given that some of these skills can take weeks or months to train, and may or may not actually be useful to you personally, a guide through it all was badly needed.

As a new player you really used to be dumped there with very little idea of how to create a well-trained and rounded character for your chosen profession. You now have a set of recommendations on how to specialize your character into various roles, which secondary or support skills that you may have overlooked will come in useful, and a way to measure your own achievements and see that you are actually making progress.

Okay, so EVEmon was (and still is) the best way to plan out your character, find out requirements and plan the whole thing out. But an awful lot of players didn’t ever know about it, particularly the new players who arguably needed its help the most.

Source : Link , Question Author : etheros , Answer Author : L2G

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