Are class-specific weapons better than other weapon?

While playing D3, I got some good Fist weapons with my monk, but even better swords, axes, etc.

So I chose the one who give me more dps, even using dual-wield.

But then I read this:

Fist weapons allow monks to utilize their well-practiced hand-to-hand
combat styles, but supplement them with knife blades, toughening hand
wraps, or knuckle spikes.


Here is a list that I found of unique class gear.


  • Wands
  • Orbs
  • Wizard Hats

Demon Hunter

  • Hand Crossbows
  • Quivers
  • Cloaks

Witch Doctor

  • Ceremonial Knives
  • Mojos
  • Voodoo Masks


  • Mighty Weapons
  • Mighty Belts


  • Fist Weapons
  • Daibo
  • Spirit Stones

Should I pick Fist weapons even when they do a little less dps than, for example, a sword?


Class specific weapons can provide some class only enchantments that you cannot get on standard weapons. Whether or not this is worth a trade off for damage, that is entirely up to you to decide.

For instance, you can find a demon hunter only 1 handed crossbow that provides hatred regeneration or a wand for mages that provides improved arcane pool.

Like James mentioned in his answer, the demon hunter is the only class that has a unique situation where you MUST have a ranged weapon equipped or you can’t use his ranged attack skills. And his one handed crossbow is the only ranged weapon you can dual wield.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michel , Answer Author : Community

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