Are DS games region locked?

I have a friend in South Africa who is thinking about buying a Nintendo DS. It’s hard to find games in her city, though, so I was thinking I’d buy several in the USA and mail them to her.

Would this work or are Nintendo DS games region locked?


It would appear that the games are not region locked according this this Wiki article that states:

“The Game Boy and Nintendo DS product lines do not use regional
lockouts for physically distributed games; however, software specific
to the Nintendo DSi are region-locked, and cartridges released by iQue
in China can only be played on DS models produced by iQue (although
they remain compatible with other DS cartridges). The Nintendo 3DS
line however, does enforce region locking for 3DS-specific
software,1 with the exception of Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre, which
is region-free.”

Source : Link , Question Author : Steve V. , Answer Author : Ryan

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