Are eggs from gift predetermined before you open the gift?

In Pokemon-Go are eggs from gifts predetermined before you open the gift?

Looking for the ultra bonus of September 2018 with Kanto regional pokemon on 7KM eggs I want to save egg space hatching current ones and not taking more, and also I am not opening gift from friends until the event.

If I open the gift (and give me eggs) on september 13th will be determined the pokemon using the event at the moment? Or are they determined the day the gift is sent?



I received gifts from 5 friends september 10th 2018 (before de event). I didn’t accept gifts or received eggs from Pokestops for several days.

The september 13th 2018 opened the 5 gifts getting 5 eggs of 7 km. After hatching them they were:

  • 2 Alolan Diglett
  • 1 Alolan Sandshrew
  • 1 Mr. Mime
  • 1 Tangela

Source : Link , Question Author : Jose Maeso , Answer Author : Jose Maeso

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