Are Jarvis Virus/Ada Refactors useless to the other side?

If an Enlightenment player picks up an ADA Refactor or if a Resistance player picks up a JARVIS virus, are they of any use? (Apart from recycling!)

Each appears to be a weapon that can only be used by one side.


The refactor viruses can be used by either sides. If you use the virus to switch the control to your faction, you become the owner of the portal and all of the attached resonators, destroying any link and fields attached to the portal itself, but getting no AP from the action. If instead you use your opposite faction’s refactor, the portal becomes owned by “Jarvis” (or “ADA”).

Switching the portal to the opposite faction can be useful to destroy links that are in the way of the construction of a big field. Using both kinds of refactor on a portal can also let you create a L8 portal without the need to have eight L8 agents available.

Source : Link , Question Author : Oddthinking , Answer Author : Kappei

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