Are shields subject to armor/magic resist damage reductions?

I was playing Shen the other night and thoroughly enjoying it, but it seemed like a few times I cast my ultimate, the shield was just ripped apart in no time flat. I was usually using it on carries who weren’t building much defense, but the ~900-1000 damage shield was disappearing so fast, with only a couple people attacking my ally it seems like it doesn’t get any benefit from the damage reductions.

Is that right or am I just misjudging it? Same question for Lux, Morgana, Malphite, and other characters with damage shields.


Shields act as health – which means that they have the same damage resistances as the character they were used on. This means that, for instance, a 1000 hitpoint shield will only give 1000 points of absorbed damage on a champion with 0 armor and MR. Usually, it’s a fair bit more than this.

The thing is, in League of Legends, it’s much easier to increase offense than defense. Carries are focus targets to begin with, so even a 1000 point shield goes down fast under 3-4 different champions attacking it. Most endgame carries can crit each other for over 600, easily.

Ultimately, shields might go down fast, but you are effectively giving them temporary health, not a simple damage reduction.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nick T , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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