Are the classes in TOR *really* mirrored across factions?

I know that the intent in The Old Republic was that the factions would be balanced by having the same classes available to each faction, albeit with different names and animations.

But after playing the game for a while, I’m not sure I believe this anymore.

One example:

While it’s true that the Republic Commando and the Imperial Bounty Hunter share the same abilities, the bounty hunter uses “Heat”, which goes from 0 – 100, and the Commando uses “Ammo”, which goes from twelve to zero.

Comparing one of their first abilities: Rocket Punch and Stockstrike, the Bounty Hunter’s version uses 16 heat, and the Commando’s version uses 2 Ammo.

Converting Ammo to an equivalent amount of heat 2/12 ~> 17 heat.

Am I missing something, or do Bounty Hunters get fractionally better abilities?

Are there other differences between the faction classes, such as talent trees, or even non-mirrored abilities? Are the classes in TOR really mirrored across factions, or only approximately?


I’ve found one case where an ability is different between the mirrors, but even beyond that there are definitely some differences between how the mirrored abilities themselves play out. The differences mainly seem to be in the animations used (and the speed differences therein) as well as travel time from projectile to target. As such, most of these differences have very little effect except in PVP, where a few seconds can be critical.

Just for the sake of context, here are the mirrors:

  - Jedi Knight      <-> Sith Warrior
  - Jedi Consular    <-> Sith Inquisitor
  - Republic Trooper <-> Bounty Hunter
  - Smuggler         <-> Imperial Agent

Obviously maintaining a list of every single difference would be unwieldy not to mention probably end up outdated, but here are some differences I’ve found to illustrate my point:

  • Bounty Hunter’s “Unload” doesn’t get interrupted if you take damage, but the Trooper’s Full Auto does. This makes the Bounty Hunter’s ability better.

  • The Bounty Hunter’s Death From Above starts applying its damage immediately, compared to the Trooper’s Mortar Volley which takes a few seconds before damage starts being applied.

  • The Sith Inquisitor’s Shock does its damage immediately, whereas the
    Jedi Consular’s Project ability has a longer animation and a travel

  • Smuggler’s Dirty Kick stops the forward movement of the smuggler,
    where as the Imperial Agent’s version does not stop the forward
    movement of the agent.

  • The Imperial Agent’s Flash Bang is on a 60 second cooldown, but the
    Smuggler’s Flash Grenade is on a 90 second cooldown. They otherwise
    appear to be identical. They plan to patch it soon.

  • The Imperial Agent’s Backstab happens instantly. The Smuggler’s Back
    Blast animation takes longer.

  • The Imperial Agent’s Explosive Probe animation is quick and damage happens almost instantly, whereas the Smuggler’s Sabotage Charge has a longer animation plus the damage isn’t applied until the charge travels to the target.

  • I see at least one example of ability difference (assuming TorHead
    can be trusted). The Consular gets a level 46 ability, Unity, which
    lets them and their companion reduce damage by 50% for 15 seconds.
    The Inquisitor has a level 46 ability called Sacrifice which nearly
    kills their companion, but heals themselves 40%. Pretty different
    effects. This is biggest difference I’ve seen, and haven’t heard of any others like this.

So to answer your question directly, no, they aren’t perfectly mirrored. I think the animation speeds have a much larger impact on how the mirrored classes play differently, as opposed to the minor round-off problem in the conversion such as that between heat and ammo. But even then, the mirroring is close enough that it probably won’t matter to anyone except in PVP.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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