Are there any benefits to the Rockman other than their extra health?

In Faster Than Light (FTL) the Rockman has extra health and walks slowly but is that all he’s good for. A really slow tank doesn’t seem that great to me.


Rockmen also are immune to fire, in addition to their health bonus. This makes them ideal for repairing systems where fire is spreading. They do still have to breathe, though, and will lose health if there is no oxygen in a room.

There are also a few events where you are guaranteed a better result if you have a Rock crewmember, due to their unique physiology and abilities. There’s a full list of these events on the FTL Wikia.

Finally, don’t discount the 50% more health – this gives a Rock crewmember a bonus against fighting other races. In situations where combat is at a higher priority than movement (say, a boarding party) this can make a real difference in a crewmember’s survival. They won’t outlast a Mantis, but can defeat any other enemy crewmember in one-on-one combat.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vince , Answer Author : agent86

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