Are there any legal glitches in Starcraft2?

I’ve been watching SC:Broodwar matches and there are tournament legal glitches/bug exploits that some professional players use in their matches.

For example, the Turret Bug, the Mining SCV trick (where you can make a unit go through a mineral line) and the Dragoon Hold trick (where you can make a Dragoon fire slightly faster by moving your Dragoon as soon as it fires then quickly pressing hold position).

Are there any glitches or exploits being used legally now in Starcraft 2 tournaments as if it is part of the meta game?


This Mineral Boosting Trick is the only example I’m aware of and it’s likely to somehow be patched out in the next version of SC2, as it’s similar to a previous trick that was also patched out.

Blizzard no longer seems to be a fan of emergent gameplay and so these “tricks” that were so common in SC:BW are purposefully taken away.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Robotnik

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