Are there character combinations that make it impossible to finish Maniac Mansion?

Are there any combinations of characters in the original Maniac Mansion which make the game impossible to finish?


I don’t believe so. Certain combinations will probably make it harder, but it seems you generally only should need 1 character’s special skill to beat the game; Dave and the third character can just be bodies to do stuff everyone can do.

I am extrapolating based on info from this walkthrough which has instructions for beating the game using each character’s special skill, and simply calls your third character “your third kid.”

The walkthroughs do mention to not choose both Syd and Razor (because their skills are the same) but they still don’t conclude that the game will be unbeatable with them.

That said, killing off one of your characters could easily make the game impossible.

Source : Link , Question Author : John Rudy , Answer Author : Mag Roader

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