Are there guides I can read to improve my aim on FPS games in consoles?

I have played Half Life and Counter Strike since 2001 and many others since, so I have some years of experience in playing First Person Shooter games on computers, with mouse and keyboard. While I am not very good, I manage to almost always be in top 5 players on my team.

However, when I play on the PS3, FPS games like Wolfenstein, or games that are not FPS but occasionally need some aiming like Uncharted or Fallout 3, I am totally lame, and end up dying even on easy difficulties.

Has someone with the same problem published a guide that I will be able to follow and improve myself?


There’s really nothing more to it than practice unfortunately. I’ve been playing PC shooters since the original Doom and thought I would never get into console shooters, but after playing a bit of CoD4, I started getting into it and after a year or so of playing, I felt as in control playing with a controller as I did with the keyboard / mouse combo.

One thing though, you will never be as accurate using a controller, it’s just impossible. Whereas using a keyboard and mouse in a shooter could be described as “point and click”, with a controller, I’ve found that it’s more like sweeping towards the target and picking the right moment to press fire in that sweep.

It sounds kinda strange, but it can be 90% as effective as keyboard / mouse control once you get used to it.

Source : Link , Question Author : kurast , Answer Author : Chris McAtackney

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