Are there unadvertised world interactions like shooting off locks to open doors?

I just learned the other night that you can shoot the doorknobs off of wooden doors (as opposed to picking them, like the door to the shed in the mission Rats). Makes sense right? I just assumed that you weren’t able to do such a thing.

Question: Are there any other unadvertised common sense things in Payday 2 like this?

I was just curious as I found this to be quite satisfying. Prior I kept thinking “Why can’t I just bust the door down? I’m already caught there’s no point in trying to be sneaky.” and then my buddy told me about shooting the knob and I literally just dropped my head to my desk in awe.


I’ve compiled a list of what appear to be some unadvertised interactions. For all intents and purposes I’m defining unadvertised interactions & information as information that isn’t regularly broadcast possibly resulting in the missing of helpful information.

  • Doorknobs – As mentioned in the question, more information can be found here.
  • Escape Van – Some missions, whether you’re aware of it or not, have the escape van there from the very start. Many times it just leaves when you become detected. The Jewelry Store Heist is a prime example of this. It can be finished in about a minute thanks to this.
  • Camera Security – Cameras no longer detect you if you’ve killed the guard in the security room (Some missions are not applicable to this, i.e. they don’t have security rooms). This one is simple and partially obvious but for some reason it took my a while to figure out.
  • Environment Matters – Your environment matters in some cases. Case in point: Park Escape Mission: The street without police blockades or SWAT vans is going to be the road the escape van shows up at. Noticing this allows you to take the loot to this location preemptively and escape smoothly.
  • Extra Loot – More times than not there will be extra loot lying around during heists. It is up to you whether you find it worth picking up (usually is unless you’re doing speed-runs). Example here.

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