As an ingress level 8 & the 2000 item limit, what’s the best proportion of resonators to carry?

Should a person keep lots of level 1’s, or discard them for level 2’s? Or do you skip those completely for levels 4-8? And at what proportion? When hacking and deploying, I wonder how many of the low level stuff I should carry. Just curious what others think or suggest


In order to capture a portal by yourself, you need 2 L4 Resonators, 2 L5s, 2 L6s, one L7 and one L8. When upgrading portals, you usually need one L7 and one L8 resonator. So, a reasonable strategy will be to carry the same amount of resonators in each level, starting from L4.

For example, if I have 200 resonators in each Level, I would be able to capture 100 portals and upgrade an additional 100. If I tend more towards capturing and less towards upgrading, I could reduce the number of L7s and L8s. If I tend more towards upgrading (as most L8s should, actually), I could reduce the number of L4-L6 resonators.

There are two reasons to carry lower level resonators:

  1. As a L8 player, lower level resonators are usually harder to come by. So sometimes I compensated for the lack of L4s (compared to my L5s and L6s) with L3s or lower.
  2. Handing out equipment to lower level players (especially L5s, who still need L3 resonators in order to completely capture a portal by themselves).

The ratio that worked best for me, after taking into account the various factors and the amount of use I had for each item level, is to have, for each L5 resonator: ~2 lower level resonator (L1-L4), 1 L6 resonator, ~2 L7 resonators, ~2 L8 resonators.

I usually had ~700 resonators in my inventory at any one time, but I can’t pretend to have a strategy behind that number. It just the average amount the I carried.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pepper , Answer Author : idan315

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