At what point does arena become better value than boosters? [duplicate]

Imagine I have 300 gold in Hearthstone. I have two choices on how to spend it:

  • 2 Arena entries
  • 3 boosters

If we ignore the time spent in the arena (both from a time spent and fun perspective) and focus only on the rewards, how many wins do I need to be able to get before arena becomes more profitable than buying boosters?


If you take a look at this answer, you’ll see the break even points for gold. I’m not considering dust or cards as part of breaking even since its hard to value those:

  • You have the possibility of breaking even (100g for a booster + 50g back) after just 1 win.
  • You will always break even after 5+ wins (though at 4 wins its very close to break even as well).
  • After 7 wins, you will be playing the arena for free as you’ll get your entire gold entry fee back.

Source : Link , Question Author : Studoku , Answer Author : Community

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