“Battle.net is unable to identify your application version” in Wine (Linux)

In downgrading my patched 1.14 install to the mod-compatible 1.13 version, I received the following error: “Battle.net is unable to identify your application version”

Most sites say that this indicates a permissions issue and that the user should run the exe in Windows XP Compatibility Mode (right-click, properties, Compatibility). But I was working in wine, which automatically runs programs as admin (not the same as running under root, which is verboten) so it wasn’t a permission issue. What is causing this error?


As mentioned above, the most common fix for this error is to right-click the exe and “Run as administrator”.

But that doesn’t fix it or if you’re running wine, I was able to narrow the issue to the registry (wine regedit). Removing the two Diablo II folders (in HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_USERS) did not appear to work, so I blew both the “Software” folders (two levels up) and restored the Software folder from another wineprefix (instance of wine). Error’s gone. It is likely that a fresh install would also work in this case–the main issue appeared to be a conflict between former Battle.net registry files and the patched exe.


Source : Link , Question Author : Wolf , Answer Author : Wolf

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