Besides practicing, what are some great ways to become a better player?

Besides practicing, what are some great ways to become a better StarCraft II player?

Off the top of my head I can think of:



So I wrote this post a long time ago and everything here still applies, however, there is one Day9 Daily that has happened since that deserves mentioning:

I’ll admit its a really good one, but not so good that I couldn’t just add it to the current list of Dailies. To be worth its own section I would need something like:

That’s right, someone took the mental check list daily and made it into a program you can use… to get better. Now I don’t mention this a lot but my day job is a programmer, so the first thing I did was crack it open and start adding new sounds:

  • Spreed Creep
  • Vomit Larva
  • Stop Playing So Badly

These are trivial to implement and since he provides source code, you can even toss in whatever you think is appropriate.

I learned large portions of my knowledge by watching the Day9 Dailies. I believe he not only offers a steady supply of high level play and in depth analysis, but he also highlights issues that newer players often have.

As a starter I’d suggest the following:

Among other things he’ll stress the importance of:

  • Splitting and rallying workers
  • Sending builders prior to having the minerals
  • “Normal” build orders
  • Having lots of “stuff”
  • Keeping Minerals and Energy low (for macro)
  • Powering drones
  • Transferring workers
  • Expanding when you attack
  • Timing pushes

I’d also avoid anything with TheLittleOne (TLO) in it. While his style is amazingly fun to watch, he plays on such a high level that little can be learned from his replays until you’re more advanced.

Now once you’ve watched all those and practiced your builds my next advice is PRACTICE MOAR. To help with this I suggest YABOT. It’ll allow you to practice your builds again and again without having to load a new game (it has an in game reset). Smooth out your builds till you start playing like Machine

After that you can look at Gosu Coaching to help bring your play up to more competitive standards.

Also, if you need a practice partner my Starcraft 2 account email is

There are also a number of good articles here on

There is also a good article on SC abbreviations on as well as a Beginners Guide

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