Can a Lucio ult counter a McCree ult?

McCree’s ult is…complicated. He ramps up potential damage against all targets in his field of view over time. Once he has enough damage ramped up, a skull appears. When he pulls the trigger, he kills all enemies with a skull, and deals damage to all other enemies based on how long they were in his field of view (i.e. how much damage ramped up). Enemies with more health, like Roadhog, take longer to get the “skull” because the damage ramps up slower proportional to his max health.

I get all that.

But how does this interact with Lucio’s ult? I’ve tried to use a Lucio ult to counter a McCree ult in the past, and I’m not sure how effective it was.

How does this work in these situations:

  • Lucio and McCree ult at the same time. Everyone gets a huge, but diminishing health pool while McCree ramps up damage. I imagine that this kind of Lucio ult doesn’t help much, because by the time McCree fires most of the bonus health is gone anyway. Does McCree lock on “faster” because of the diminishing health?
  • McCree ults, and then just before he pulls the trigger, Lucio ults. This is the more interesting case. Can Lucio “remove” the skull symbol from McCree’s locked on targets by ulting and temporarily boosting their health pool?


Situation 1: McCree’s lock-on delay for each player is increased proportional to the amount of effective health gained through Lucio’s ult. Given that McCree is allowed to use his ult unhindered, you are correct in your assumption that Lucio’s ult would do very little.

That said, the delay caused by Sound Barrier is likely to afford your team the time to either prevent him from going through with it or at least to find suitable cover.

Situation 2: It is exactly as you have said. In my experience, and as indicated by a player’s account of his experience in this reddit post, increasing a player’s effective health removes McCree’s lock on effect; however, I am not sure if this resets the delay entirely or if it just increases the delay proportional to the health gained. Either way, it’s worth investigation.

In short, Lucio’s ult is very effective at countering Deadeye.

Source : Link , Question Author : Invader Skoodge , Answer Author : AproposArmadillo

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