Can a small aquarium breed fish?

There are a lot of resources in breeding fish in a large aquarium (now called an Alien Containment Tank) that fits inside a multipurpose room, but there is very little information I could find about the smaller aquarium (just called Aquarium).

Basically, I built one in my Cyclops and wanted to stock it with bladderfish so I could easily farm water while away from my base. I put two in there, and I know it takes time, but it’s been several day/night cycles and there are still only two. Does anyone know if they will actually breed, or do I just need to fill them up with 8 fish (max # of slots) and perhaps just make multiple tanks for storage.

I already have a growbed on the sub, with Chinese potato plants (15health/3thirst), so looking to extend the duration of my voyages without having to make a bunch of cured fish, which doesn’t help the water situation, and can’t put a filtration system on the Cyclops.


It’s been about 10-12 day/night cycles, and still only 2 bladderfish, starting to lose hope…

Cyclops Aquarium


Small Aquarium doesn’t breed fish at all. For cyclops voyages, you are going to want those chinese potatoes you have, and a couple of slots with Bulbo Trees. Use a knife on them to harvest, and they give 3Hunger/10Thirst. IMO, more beneficial to have than any other plant, as thirst seems to drain faster than hunger. Also, you may even want to swap those potatoes for Marblemelons that give 22/15, if I remember correctly. Cut one and it turns into 4 seeds, which take up 1 slot each, unlike most other crops, and when each of those turn into a full-size Marblemelon, harvest 3, and your hunger and thirst will fill rapidly.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tim S. , Answer Author : RevenantBacon

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