Can a soldier receive multiple promotions in a mission?

This question is inspired by an answer to this question about reinforcements. There, Michael Stum responded:

feel free to farm to your hearts content.

If I find myself in a situation where enemies keep coming and I keep my soldiers around to kill the enemies ad nauseam, will they ever earn multiple promotions in a level?

I’ve seen the same question for Enemy Unknown, so I would guess the answer is no, but the behavior could have changed.


This might be anecdotal, but yes, you can:

I ranked all my squad members to Colonel on the downed Avenger mission, by simply refusing to destroy the signal beacon and farming the incoming assault drops by setting up Overwatch traps.

Took me an hour to do so. After returning to the Avenger I was greeted with multiple rank ups after promoting the soldier (meaning went all the way from Squaddie to Colonel)

Source : Link , Question Author : Aurelius , Answer Author : childe

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