Can both my boys have a user on minecraft PC.

My son got MineCraft PC for his birthday. The account is under my e-mail and he has a name in the game (my terminology may be off as i do not play the game). My other son would also like to play MineCraft, but have his own name (character???). Can that be done? It doesn’t seem logical that I’d have to download 2 Minecraft games. Please let me know how this works.


Really depends on your use case.

You only need one copy of the actual game installed if they are taking turns playing.

If you want them to play multiplayer, you will need to purchase two accounts, one for each kid. This also allows them to easily have their own name and “skin” in game.

However, if they just want their own names, you can create two shortcuts to the game, one for each kid. Then just give a different name for each shortcut. See this question on creating the shortcuts.

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