Can I back up and restore my FTL save file?

FTL shares many similarities with roguelikes, especially in that you can’t save and load your game easily. However, you can save and quit.

Sometimes I get into a really good position and then die due to some random bad luck. Occasionally I’d like to experience an event multiple times to see what the outcome is. It would be nice if I could somehow save state and restore later if I choose.

Is it possible to back up this save file and restore it later? Where is it stored? Is there anything in particular I would have to do to the file in order for it to be recognized by the game?


On Windows 7, you can find it under My Documents\My Games\FasterThanLight. But only after you’ve clicked Save+Exit.

But please be aware, that this uncertainty is what makes rogue-like games so enjoyable. I just needed this to copy my career from my laptop to my PC, as the game doesn’t seem to support the Steam Cloud.

Source : Link , Question Author : agent86 , Answer Author : Robotnik

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