Can I complete Home Sweet Home without enraging the Minute Men?

TL;DR I want to get the perks for completing Nuka World but don’t want Preston to shoot me in the face. Is this possible?

I’m playing the sort of character who wouldn’t side with the Raiders but would play along with them long enough to get everything I could before murdering them all. I’d like to get the perks from completing Power Play but as soon as I set a raider flag in the Commonwealth, I’m informed that “Preston hated that” (understandably so, even if he has no way of knowing because this settlement is miles away). The settlement I picked doesn’t involve forcing any settlers off their land; I’m literally just creating one settlement that I plan to completely neglect until I can get the power on at Nuka World and slaughter everyone (including the settlement in the Commonwealth).

Preston and Ronnie however immediately go hostile without giving me a chance to explain myself. Preston is currently my lover so it’s not a question of getting his affinity higher. I planted the flag and went directly to The Castle only to get a laser in my face for my troubles. I also tried having Preston as my companion during this mission, hoping that I could maybe convince him to trust me even if he hated me and eventually rebuild our relationship, and still got a laser in my face for my troubles.

Here is what I’ve tried so far to try and keep Preston from getting mad:

  • Planting the flag and waiting for a week or so to see if he calms down
  • Sending him to Far Harbor before planting the flag.

Can I complete this objective (Home Sweet Home, Power Play, kill all raiders, bring in settlers) without the whole laser-in-my-face thing? I’m playing on Survival mode so the console is out.


No it is not. This is one reason why some people disliked this DLC (A lot of people complained on the Steam reviews about having to to make the choice of being “Completely Evil” by siding with the Raiders or “Finish the DLC very fast” through the Open Season quest).

From the Fallout Wiki for Home Sweet Home:

Preston Garvey will instantly hate the player after establishing the first raider outpost, even if his affinity has already been maxed and the United We Stand perk unlocked. This is understandable given that the goals of the Nuka-World gangs are directly opposed to the Minutemen’s settlement-related activities. Even if Garvey is not the active companion at the time, he will find out about it and become hostile the next time he sees you. He can still be ordered to move to other Minutemen-allied settlements from the workshop menu.

As you can read, the Wiki states that for establishing the first Raider Outpost, Preston will immediately hate you. I think the reason why Preston will get angry is because he can also assign the Open Season quest in addition to Mackenzie. This thus makes him aware of the Raider presence at Nuka-World.

I’m sure you have looked up the perks you receive from doing Home Sweet Home, but to reiterate:

The Wasteland Warlord Perk which has 3 stages that are unlocked as you build more Raider camps. These are:

  • 1 Raider camp gets you new structures and building items and Raider outposts.

  • 3 Raider camps gets you new structures and building items and Raider outposts as well as Raider-themed stores.

  • 8 Raider camps gets you an achievement and unlocks the Tribute Chest that you can build (not really a perk, but its the reward you receive).

For completing Power Play, you receive 2 perks, depending on which gang didn’t betray you. The gang that will betray you is whatever gang you gave the least amount of territories (including the ones in Nuka World) The perks you get are:

If the Operators betray you:

If the Pack betrays you:

If the Disciples betray you:

  • Ace Operator

  • Pack Alpha

You also earn an achievement for completing Power Play. It should be noted that after completing Power Play, you may speak to the remaining two gang leaders for an additional weapon (the third gang at this point has been killed off should you go through with Power Play). These are:

  • Nisha provides a Disciple cutlass with the Instigating legendary effect, which deals double damage to enemies with full health (I personally love this weapon).

  • Mags provides an Operators sniper rifle with the Relentless legendary effect, which refills Action Points on a critical hit.

  • Mason provides a puncturing rocket bat with the Furious legendary effect, which deals increasing damage for each consecutive hit on the same target

If you decide not to go through with helping the Raiders, and begin the Open Season quest, you can still restore power to Nuka-World. Once you finish Open Season, the doors to the Nuka-World power plant will open, allowing you to restore power (according to the Wiki).

Source : Link , Question Author : Mike G , Answer Author : Timmy Jim

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