Can I control my transformation into a werewolf?

I see no harm in continuing the quest line if it won’t cause any problems and I can control it. However, I’ll be going through the line much quicker if I have no control over the transformation.

When you contract Lycanthropy, are you able to control it naturally? Like, will I turn into a wolf when I walk outside and it’s night time? Do moon phases have any effect on it?


Normally, you’ll be able to use your Beast Form power whenever you want, once per day. This power lasts for 2 ½ minutes, but can be extended by feeding on dead things.

However, there is a quest that will affect your ability to control your power:

During Ill Met By Moonlight, you’ll receive the Ring of Hircine. This cursed ring, once worn, can’t be taken off and has a 10% chance every minute to cause you to transform against your will. Once the quest is complete, you’ll get a non-cursed form (or lose the ring, depending on your choices).

Source : Link , Question Author : Kyo , Answer Author : Community

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