Can I do anything useful with these tracking bracelets?

So far in the game, I’ve found four tracking bracelets, belonging to:

  • Alex Yu
  • Sylvain Bellamy
  • Danielle Sho
  • Kirk Remmer

They don’t get automatically tossed in the recycler like other junk items, but they also aren’t orange like quest items. I haven’t found any use for them. Can anything be done with them?


So far the only known use for them is to drop them in a location so you can easily backtrack to that location later.

You can use the bracelet to mark some box or location, so later you can find this location again. Couldn’t find any other use for it.

I have read rumors saying it might be sidequest bound, but they got instantly debunked by others. In this reddit thread someone mentions to keep them as he says the following:

Collect them and something cool will happen

Finally, an article on Kotaku quoted the 1.04 patch notes, confirming what most people already suspected:

“Tracking bracelets are now sent to Recycler with ‘Transfer all Junk.’” In other words, you never needed to carry a discarded tracking bracelet around in the first place. This changes everything.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sterno , Answer Author : David Harkness

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