Can I download PS3 game updates from my computer instead?

So GT5 2.0 is out and it’s all terribly exciting. However, my internet connection isn’t very great and it has failed completing the 1GB download for the last 7 times. Given the lack of resumable downloads on that platform, can I download the update with a sensible client on a computer instead (one with Range: http header knowledge)? Or is there some way to make downloading through the PS3 more successful?


The PS3 supports the configuration of a proxy server in the Network Configuration. It can be any HTTP proxy server. So you could try to run a simple proxy server on your computer, and point the PS3 to it. Then, the proxy should be able to resume the download if the connection breaks, assuming it is setup as a caching proxy server.

Source : Link , Question Author : noodl , Answer Author : Mufasa

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