Can I imbue more than once on the same difficulty level in Diablo 2?

After getting the Horadric Malus and bringing it back to Charsi, she gives you the chance to imbue an item to make it better. I know you can do it again on the next difficulty, but I want to do it again on the SAME difficulty. Another cheap way is to save before doing it, and if you don’t get good results you can end the task of the game so it doesn’t save and do it again.

But is there a way to do this more than once in the same game? And on multiple items?


Simple and short answer: NO

You can only use Imbue once per difficulty level. As you mentioned you can save and kill the task, but you can’t do it several times. Other option is to create new characters and do that quest on them.

Hope it helps

Source : Link , Question Author : C-dizzle , Answer Author : Novarg

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