Can I light the sides of a netherrack block on fire?

I am building a house in the over world made entirely of netherrack. I want it to be very bright, as in, you look into the distance and see the sun on the horizon, but its not the sun, its my flaming house.

The only problem is that I cant light the sides of the netherack blocks on fire, if I click on the side of the block with a flint and steel nothing happens. I want flames to lick up the sides of the netherrack and stay on fire, like when you light the sides of wooden planks on fire.

I drew a picture to make it easier to understand:

enter image description here

Is there anyway to light the sides of netherrack on fire? If not, are there any alternatives to making my house look on fire?


Netherrack will not burn on the sides. From my personal experience, the only items that burn on the sides are items that will be consumed by fire.
You could make your walls stair-stepped and light each step to get that effect, but that would likely make your house much wider than you were planning.

Source : Link , Question Author : Caleb , Answer Author : Johonn

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