Can I make Steam give me a description or screenshots of a game when browsing my library?

When I click a game in my library that I’ve never played, the right side of the window presents a lot of info I don’t want and virtually none of the info that I do. Is there some way to change this behavior?


The Library page for a game is generally geared towards people who already own that game, which is why it contains things like news, achievements, etc. And unfortunately, no, it’s not customizable.

There is, however, a page in Steam for every game that gives a description, shows Screenshot, etc. The game’s Store Page. And the library page should generally always contain a ‘Store Page’ link. It’s not quite what you wanted, but it’s AFAIK as close to what you asked for as Steam has.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sparr , Answer Author : Billy Mailman

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