Can I move all Pokemon at once?

I want to restart my game but with about 500 Pokemon and most of them bred to have perfect IVs I don’t really want to lose them. So I bought a 1 Year License for Pokemon Bank to “save everything”.

My problem now is: It takes forever to move every single pokemon by hand. Is there some way to upload all boxes and if not: Can I speed up the process somehow?


You can press start to select more Pokemon at once.

  • The red arrow is the default cursor, with a pop-menu every click.
  • The blue arrow let’s you move a Pokemon instantly (without the pop-up menu).
  • The green arrow lets you select more Pokemon (inside a box). In that way you can transfer up to one box in one go.

So you cannot select all boxes at once, but this is as fast as it’ll go at the moment.

Note, this also applies for the in-game computer, not only for the Pokemon Bank.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jutschge , Answer Author : Mathias711

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