Can I refund a perk point?

While leveling in Skyrim I put a perk in a tree, but now I feel like it is wasted, since I’ve found blowing things up with spells is much more fun than stabbing things with a giant sword.

Is there anyway for me to recover the wasted perk? I’m on the PC so I was guessing console commands could help.


If you are on PC, you can use the console to add and remove perks.

Finding a perk id:
help [name of perk] 4
help Armsman 4

Removing a perk
player.removeperk [perk id]
player.removeperk 00079342

Adding a perk
player.addperk [perk id]
player.addperk 00079342


  • You can use the PageUp/PageDown keys to scroll the console.
  • Use double quotes when searching for a perk with a space: “Steel Smithing” -yx
  • The UESP has the perk id for all the skills. -Mark Trapp

Source : Link , Question Author : Rapida , Answer Author : Brant

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