Can I ride the unicorn? If not, can I kill the unicorn?

I’d like to ride the unicorn as pictured both in the ad on the right as well as in the game main menu:

Unikong main menu screen

The unicorn seems to be an unkillable monster and I am unable to defeat it; I have to either dodge or use the photon blaster to set him back a few inches.

I tried goomba stomping it, tried charging head on, but I keep dying every time.

Even a highly powerful, high-density rainbow photon beam blaster didn’t do anything to the unicorn; it merely pushed it back, without actually doing damage.

Unikong in-game screenshot

The picture to play depicts a valiant J Skeet on his steed; I’d like to know how I can ride the horse just as he does. If not, then I’d like to know how to beat the unicorn and perhaps take his horn home to put on my trophy wall.

Unikong intro screen

Is there a way to ride the unicorn? Is there a way to defeat this vile unicorn? If not, is there any way to ride him as depicted in their ad?


Definitely invulnerable and nothing more.

Shooting a unicorn:, this.ammo, function(t, e) {

does the same as shooting a platform:, this.ammo, function(t, e) {

i.e. destroys the projectile but not the object shot.

Furthermore, any collisions with the unicorn simply end in death:, this.boss, this.loseGame, null, this)

Source : Link , Question Author : childe , Answer Author : Lee

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