Can I save Faridah Malik?

I just got back to China the second time around. After our helicopter was shot down, Malik tells me to run while the guards are distracted by the chopper. On my way out, I tried killing as many guards as possible, but she was still killed along with the helicopter. If I was able to take down all the guards (and the robot) fast enough, could I have saved her?


Yes you can. I managed to do it on Deus Ex mode. Here are a few things that may help out:

  1. Use those exploding barrels. You can use those to take out enemies that are nearby.
  2. If you have a long ranged weapon like sniper rifle, it helps out a lot. You have to take out those heavies fast as they do tons of damage.
  3. Get the attention of the big bot that gets dropped. If you can toss two emp grenades over, he’ll die. If you don’t have any, shoot it a few times so he’s focused on you instead.

You can still save her on a pacifist playthrough, but its much harder.

Here’s a video walkthrough on how to do it.

The reward for saving Malik is:

She later assists you by saving the Sarif scientists in Singapore and dealing with a bunch of enemies with an emp blast so you don’t have to face them.

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