Can I turn specific weapon on auto fire without forcing all of my weapons to do so?

If I have 3 weapons on my ship, lets say an Artemis Missile, an Ion Blast, and a Pike Beam, can I have my Ion Blast on auto-fire at their shields, and then use the beam and missiles without them picking up the auto-fire command as well?

I’m aware I can manually shoot once and then turn off the next shot, but I’m looking for an alternative as sometimes I get distracted and forget, ensuingly wasting a volley oppourtunity.


As FTL itself mentions, if you hover over the ‘AUTOFIRE’ button:

You can use LCtrl+Aim to force the opposite of the current autofire setting, i.e. hold LCtrl while you aim each weapon you intend to autofire, which will then autofire while the overall autofire control is turned off.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ender , Answer Author : Konerak

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