Can I use my own music instead of the in game radio stations?

I’m tired of listening to the same old songs over and over again on the radio in Saints Row 3. (Much like real life!)

Is it possible to create custom radio stations and/or custom playlists using my own MP3 collection on my computer?

(This ignores the obvious solution of using a music player external to the game. Such a solution is not ideal as the music would continue to play over the in-game cinematics.)


Yes you can, you’ll need to mod your game. Here’s a good walk-through for doing that including the tools you’ll need.

Basically, you’ll need to:

  1. Modify files in steamapps/common/saints row the third/packfiles/pc/cache
  2. Extract the audio files from the radio_*_media.bnk_pc files (or a specific station you want)
  3. Transcode your audio files to vorbis (the link gives you details of the encoding options you need), they’ll have the .ogg extension.
  4. Change the metadata for the bnk_pc file so that they point to your new songs (there’s 2 files you need to change)
  5. Repack the radio station files using PackVPP and copy it into steamapps/common/saints row the third/packfiles/pc/cache

Source : Link , Question Author : RESPAWN , Answer Author : Robotnik

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