Can players in a Minecraft Realm play at different difficulty levels?

I purchased a Minecraft Realm and play regularly with my two sons. One of them is really freaked out by hostile mobs and the other really wants to fight them and collect what they drop. Can I set the frightened child to Peaceful and the other child to Easy? If so, what is the command? I have only had luck changing the difficulty level for everybody. Thank you!


Difficulty is set for the entire world, not individual players.

You might want to set your youngest’s “game mode” to “creative”, meaning he will be invulnerable to hostile mobs (also, they will completely ignore him). You’d use the command /gamemode creative <player-name>.

I have the same issue, and I just had to make a rule that when they are playing together, the difficulty must be set to “peaceful”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeff Severns Guntzel , Answer Author : JDB still remembers Monica

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