Can Rocket Boots be found in Chests?

One of the few items I have yet to obtain in Terraria is a pair of rocket boots.

Common wisdom is that they drop from the goblin invasions that occur every so often. Scuttlebutt says they also spawn in chests on floating islands or in dungeons.

I have scoured both wikis, but the only mention of finding rocket boots in chests is in this youtube video:

Obviously, if rocket boots can’t be found in chests I shouldn’t waste my time finding floating islands or battling Skeletron, so I am looking for some independent confirmation that they are a possible chest item in the first place (Or at least some volume of proof more than a single mention in a single youtube video).


Rocket Boots are not dropped by any mob on the game or found in any chests, they are sold by the goblin tinkerer NPC who is usually found in the underground jungle after the goblin invasion has been defeated at least once.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : freebol96

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