Can Skyrim’s console savegames be migrated to PC? [duplicate]

My PS3 Skyrim is starting to have the dreaded lag problem. I’ve tested Skyrim on my PC and it works perfectly on medium settings with 60FPS@720p (and better graphics than the PS3). It is also beautiful on my 55” plasma and the PS3 controller works once I downloaded “MotionInJoy”, so I would like to continue my adventure on PC.

It is possible to migrate my PS3 save game to PC? I’ve invested a lot of hours on this character and I’m not really in the mood to replay lots of quests.


There is a documented way to do it on XBox360, which may give you an idea to start from. (Source) Basically, you save the game to an Xbox360 formatted USB drive, then open it on a PC with Modio. You may have to rename the file to savegame.ess.

From what I’ve heard, this same procedure works on PS3 as well, though I haven’t tested it myself.

Source : Link , Question Author : juanjux , Answer Author : Hyppy

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