Can someone “steal” my Gym?

When I defeat a gym and get its prestige level to zero, is there a cool-down where only I, the conqueror, can place a Pokémon in it?

I wonder if someone could just wait at a public place for the moment when the gym becomes blank.

However, if such a cool-down exists, does anybody know how long it is?


From personal experience: I don’t think there’s a cooldown. I had beaten a gym some days ago and the game was pretty laggy. When I was finally able to place a pokemon, the gym was already another color.

No official information though, sorry.

EDIT: The game updated since I posted this answer. The answer is no longer correct! New answer is: It is not possible to steal someone’s gym now, battle winners have priority.

Source : Link , Question Author : h0ch5tr4355 , Answer Author : Dwarz

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