Can steam create an overview of all my achievements?

I play several games on Steam and I love the achievement system. It would be great to get an overview of all the achievements ever gained in Steam games. Does Steam support this? I haven’t found such an overview.

If such a feature does not exist, I would already be happy with an easy way to calculate the sum of all my achievements automatically.

Edit: I stumbled upon an interesting website called TrueAchievements today. Unfortunately it only works for XBox-Achievements. Does anyone know of a similar service for Steam? This would solve my question right away. Implementing my own solution based on the links posted in the answers didn’t work because the APIs are not sufficient for my needs.


There is also It tracks all of my X360 achievements, and there is the capability to track Steam, as well as PSN and XFire. I do not have a steam account, but I like what they do with the XBox. Might be worth trying out for Steam.

Source : Link , Question Author : Demento , Answer Author : Anto

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