Can you be woken up by a creeper in prerelease versions of Minecraft?

In alpha and beta versions of Minecraft (prior to Minecraft’s 1.0 release), if you attempt to go to sleep in an ‘unsafe’ area, there is a chance you will be woken up by an enemy mob.

If you sleep in a bed which is unsafe according to the game’s rules but does not actually have an ordinary path to a dark area, is it ever possible to be woken up by a creeper, with the attendant risk of damage to structures?

I ask because I have slept in a somewhat-unsafe bed many times, and only ever met a zombie or skeleton, but never a creeper or spider, and I want to know whether I’ve just been lucky so far.


The ‘wake up’ mechanic was removed in Minecraft Release 1.0.
This answer is only relevant for versions of Minecraft built prior to that revision, accessible using the Minecraft Launcher’s Time Machine functionality.

No, a creeper can not wake you up/be a nightmare.

The results would be catastrophic and are therefore disallowed just like a creeper mob spawner does not exist for the same reason.

bugi74 has done some great research on the code itself which verifies this:

On each try it will roll a random monster type from the subset of skeleton, spider or zombie

Source : Link , Question Author : Kevin Reid , Answer Author : Robotnik

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