Can you make Logic Gates/Computers with Power in Fallout 4?

I have been tinkering with the Power System for awhile, and was wondering if anyone knew how to make Logic Gates in Fallout 4, or if it is even possible without making a Mod?

For example, how would you make an AND Gate? You can try and go the Minecraft approach, with 2 Inputs, but what would it toggle on and off, to then give the output? And how would you make it where both Inputs would need to be 1 to get a 1 output?


“And” gates and “or” gates are extremely simple, but I haven’t found a way to make a “not” gate (think the inverter in minecraft) necessary to create more complex circuits. Anyway to make an “and” gate, create 2 switches as your input and wire them in series to an output. (like a lamp or pylon tower)

Generator > switch > switch > light

when (and only when) both switches are on, the light will turn on.

Also, “or” gates are the same except wired in parallel rather than series.

Source : Link , Question Author : DragonMinerToons , Answer Author : Jon

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