Can you transfer your saved game from the PC version of FTL to the iPad?

I recently purchased the iPad version of FTL, after having unlocked all the ships on the PC version, and was disappointed that I would need to potentially re-do all my achievements and unlocked ships.

Is there any way to transfer your progress from the PC to the iPad?


Yes. First you’ll need to locate the saved game file you want to transfer.

Second, you’ll need a tool that is able to upload files to the inside of an application sandbox on your iPad. Two possible tools are iFunBox for Windows or iExplorer for the Mac.

Open the FTL app in your iOS file explorer. Browse to the FTL app and you will see a file structure that includes a Library/Application Support directory with a prof.sav file. This is the default save file, but if you have enabled Game Center, there will be a separate prof.sav file under each player ID inside the players folder here. Make a backup copy of the files here, if you wish to be on the safe side. It would also be a good idea to kill the FTL app on your iPad if it is currently open, to prevent the game from overwriting your changes when you save and quit. (double-press your home key and swipe it away on iOS 7, or press the X on iOS 6)

Find the prof.sav file on your local PC. You will notice that there is a separate ae_prof.sav file alongside it, which contains all your progress ever since you installed the Advanced Edition patch.

Last, copy the ae_prof.sav file to the iPad, under the same folder where you find the prof.sav. (if you have multiple gamer profiles, you will need to be careful; it’s difficult to match up Game Center IDs except by trial and error, so be sure to make a backup if you are concerned) Then delete the prof.sav on the iPad and rename ae_prof.sav to prof.sav. (since the iPad version only has Advanced Edition content, there was no need for a migration from prof.sav to ae_prof.sav.)

(Note: if you have not yet played the Advanced Edition on the PC, but you want to play AE on the iPad, you can just transfer the prof.sav file.)

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