Capturing multiple of the same alien

Is there any benefit to capturing multiples of the same species? For example, say I’ve captured a Sectoid and researched the related interrogation, and now I’ve captured another – does anything happen?


A few hours into the game, I can’t answer the biggest part of the question (“What is Captive [Alien] good for after associated interrogation is done?”) except to say that you can’t sell them, so I suspect they must serve some purpose down the road, however menial.

However, I’ve noticed that in the case of Sectoids, for instance, I often get an undamaged Plasma Pistol along with my captive, instead of generic weapon fragments.

Seems like there are pros and cons to capturing instead of killing aliens after the first of each type.


  • You do get the captive, which might be useful later.
  • You acquire the enemy’s weapons in one piece (dead enemies yield fragments). You’ll still need to research tech you haven’t yet (laser, plasma, etc.), but it often let’s you get at better/more expensive stuff than you otherwise could.


  • You don’t seem to get the experience for the kill.
  • It’s often harder (obviously).

Source : Link , Question Author : thegrinner , Answer Author : Jaydles

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