HTML5 Tile Engine

Where can I find a tile engine for HTML5 <canvas>, for writing 2D games? Answer Possibly: and in particular However note that effect is free to use but proprietary and not open source. Other Javascript/Canvas game engine libraries that would make it easy (but may not have specific tile support/documentation): … Read more

Bezier clipping

I’m trying to find/make an algorithm to compute the intersection (a new filled object) of two arbitrary filled 2D objects. The objects are defined using either lines or cubic beziers and may have holes or self-intersect. I’m aware of several existing algorithms doing the same with polygons, listed here. However, I’d like to support beziers … Read more

Skia vs Cairo vs Direct2D, which is the most feature rich?

A just curious question. I’m aware that: Skia, Cairo: library Direct2D: API But without any additional components, exclusively on Windows platform, which bears the most features? I’m not talking about performance or programming simplicity. Is there any possibility that Cairo could use D2D as the rendering backend on Windows platform? Answer I am using all … Read more

Difference between glOrthof and glViewPort

On OpenGL-ES i’m confused on what the difference is between setting glOrthof() glViewPort() GLU.gluOrtho2D() with it’s respective parameters. Since I believe it’s all setting the part you can see to the specified coordinates (width, height). Which should I use? Answer The glViewport determins the portion of the window to which OpenGL is drawing to. This … Read more